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God makes Himself known through His Word and desires to draw all people close to Himself in love through His Son Jesus Christ. This website is meant to be an aid in this pursuit. It may be used by both individuals and groups.

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Many people have a desire to read through and study the Bible, but often don’t know where to start. The beginning of the Bible is a likely place to start, but after an enthusiastic beginning with the Books of Genesis and Exodus one’s enthusiasm is tried in the Book of Leviticus. Rather than digging deeper or searching through commentaries, many just stop reading.


I know the feeling, ‘been there, done that!’ As a pastor and teacher of the Bible, my heart’s desire is for the world to get to know God because that’s God’s desire. God can be known and He wants to be known. In fact, the Bible is the one book God has personally authored so that we might come to know Him.


The Bible is God’s Word to a world yearning for answers to life’s most basic questions. In it we discover who God is and who we are. We learn why there is so much trouble in the world AND that God is powerful to meet every challenge.


The Bible is unlike any book you and I will ever read. It is God’s love story to us. It is the story of the One Person every person on earth needs to know and longs to know. Join me in the adventure of getting to know God.


LivingWord is a teaching program. The purpose of LivingWord is to get to know God through the study of His living Word, the Bible. LivingWord is a labor of love dedicated to the One who is Love. My prayer is for the messages of LivingWord to be a benefit to all who hear them. Whether you have known God for many years or are just getting to know Him, these messages are for you. My prayer for this website is that it will be helpful to you. With the psalmist I invite you to “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him”Psalm 34:8.

About Me

First and foremost, I am a child of God and an heir of salvation through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus the Christ of God.


I was raised in Houston, Texas in a Christian home and was called into fulltime ministry at the age of 12. However, I did not answer the call immediately. In fact, God pursued me for more than twenty years until I said ‘Yes.’


Since saying ‘Yes’ to God, I have not looked back. I keep moving forward…following the LORD wherever He leads.


The LORD’s leading has taken me to Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. I am now serving a congregation in South Texas.


My passion is God’s Word! I have been a student of God’s Word most of my life. I delight in getting to know God and I take an even greater delight in opening up the revelation of who God is to others.  


LivingWordRadio was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. At the end of 2010, a radio station in Alice, Texas was purchased by a young Christian entrepreneur whose desire was to bring additional Christian programming to the region of South Texas. I had been longing for that as well. So, taking a leap of faith, I joined with him and began teaching God’s Word from “the beginning” with Genesis 1:1. I delighted in bringing the Word of God to an audience through radio for a period of fourteen months. Eventually, I could not do the work of both pastoring a congregation AND having a daily radio program. 


Now, however, new ventures of faith are beginning. In 2016, I launched a blog. It is called yourbibleblog because it is for you the reader. My hope is to blog through the Bible and connect "dots," lots of dots, along the way. My prayer is for everyone who will follow the blog to realize how cohesive the Bible actually is. The reality is that the Bible only has One Author so it makes sense that it is so amazing. 


More recently, I have authored and published a book. Its title is, 'Digging Deeper [Into Genesis 1-11]'. The book flows from the blogs on these same chapters, though MUCH additional information is given in the form of Appendices and End Notes. The book is not a difficult read. It is guaranteed to introduce many readers to subjects not covered in typical Bible studies. It is presently available on and

About My Book: Digging Deeper


The content of Genesis 1-11 is among the most profoundly informative chapters in the Bible, yet it is often overlooked. 


If we dig deeper into the text, we will discover that:


  • God did not hide His salvation plans. They are in "plain" sight!
  • We will learn the three acts of rebellion (not one) which frame much of the Biblical narrative.
  • We'll find out why God would command Israel to utterly destroy some people groups when they enter the Promised Land.
  • We will better know what humanity will face before God brings this present earth to an end and more.


Solomon wrote, 'That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun' (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NKJV). His words are true. This book is a testament to the insights God has given to many people who have dug deeper into Genesis 1-11. They can only be described as stunning!


Lastly, I am a pastor. I was ordained through the Lutheran Church twenty-five years ago. I studied in Indiana and then in Chicago.   Though I have two theological degrees, I am continually being taught by God's Holy Spirit. My constant prayer is for God to teach me so that I may teach others. God answers this prayer daily! I stay amazed at God and I take great delight in sharing our amazing God with others.


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