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God makes Himself known through His Word, the Word Who became flesh and made His dwelling among us - that is Jesus. God desires to draw all people into a close relationship with Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. This website is meant to be an aid in this pursuit. It may be used by both individuals and groups.

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Genesis 1-11 Blogs

'God, The Beginner of Beginnings'

‘Big Bang…Primordial Soup…Evolution…Really?’

'Don't Park Your Brain at the Door'

'When God Began To Create'

‘And God Said…’

‘After Light Comes a Firmament’



‘Lights for Signs, Seasons, Days, and Years’

‘Creatures in the Water and in the Sky’


‘Let Us Make Man in Our Image’

‘Man in the Image and Likeness of God’

‘Man’s Rule and Reign’

‘Be Fruitful, Multiply, and Fill the Earth’

‘A Diet of Herbs and Fruit – Yum!’

‘God’s Rest’

‘Creation Revisited – A Different Perspective, Part One’

‘Creation Revisited – A Different Perspective, Part Two’

‘Man’s FIRST Assignment’


‘A Helper Suitable for Man’

‘The Woman’


‘What in the World happened? Considering Genesis 3’

'The Fall of Man'

'Another Relational Death and the Blame Game Begins'

'Deception and What We Can Do About It'

'A Curse and A Promise'

'Trouble For the Woman'

'Trouble For the Man'

'Expulsion from the Garden'


'The Trigger Event to Murder'

'Sin's Strategy'

'Sin Has Consequences'

'Am I My Brother's Keeper?'

'Was Cain Hidden from the Face of the Lord?'

'Who Did Cain Marry?'

'The Apple Didn't Fall Far from Cain's Tree'

'The Gospel of Jesus Christ Hidden in a Genealogy'

'Who Are the Sons of God and What Did They Do?'

'Excerpt from the Book of Enoch'

'Returning to the Term Sons of God'

'Seed Wars'

'The Afterward Giants'

'As It Was in the Days of Noah'

'The Earth Has An Expiration Date'

'Noah Perfect in His Generations?'

'The Animals in Noah's Day'

'Let the Construction Begin'


'Shem, Ham, and Japheth - Were They Triplets?'

'Obedience Is Huge'

'Seven Pairs not Two Pairs. What?'

'Time's Up'

'The Flood'

'The Wait Is Over'

'Starting Over'

'The First Covenant'

'Why Did Noah Curse Canaan?'

'The Nations of the Earth'

'Plotting the Tower of Babel'

'One Language No More'

'Seventy gods for Seventy Nations'

'Focusing On One Family to Begin Anew'


John's Gospel


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