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LivingWord is a teaching program. The purpose of LivingWord is to get to know God through the study of His living Word, the Bible. 

“I believe studying and understanding the Scriptures is necessary for my spiritual growth. Sunday worship services, Bible study groups and a good Study Bible are all resources that I use. I would like to share an additional resource I have recently discovered. ‘LivingWord,’ has given me new revelations of the Scriptures. Pastor Kathleen’s insight into each story and how the lesson relates to us today are beautifully unfolded each day. I urge everyone to listen in…to this wonderful ministry.


“You have read the Bible stories. Now, learn the history behind them. Examine how you can apply the lessons these stories have to teach you about your own life and your relationship with God. When you hear Pastor Kathleen’s teachings and explanations about the Scripture, you will find that they are easy to understand. Yet, they are challenging enough to motivate you to want to know more about our God and His plan for each of our lives. Learn what it takes to be obedient to God’s will. Discover the blessings He has to share with us. Listen to Pastor Kathleen, and be rewarded with a more complete understanding of God and His love for us.


“Tune in…it’s good stuff”



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